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Printing guidelines

This is rice pudding
This is rice pudding

So, you have decided to print some copies of the booklet for your local food bank.
On behalf of those who are going to receive a copy, MERCI BUCKETS… (It means thanks a million).

I believe that the work done here is good and the print should reflect that. Download the booklet form HERE.
Imagine that you are one of the end users and visualise how the copy that you would like to receive looks like.

Here are my basic recommendations:
• Request a high resolution version of the book as the one here on the blog has a low resolution.
• The cover of the booklet should be harder than the inside pages.
• Mat or gloss finish is up to you.
• The inside pages preferably should be printed on 160gsm card, which means that the outside cover should be 160gsm or higher.
• The binding should be with glue and not stapled.
• The finished document should be A5 (half A4) full coloured booklet.

If you are going to add your logo at the back of the booklet, I am sure you would like the print to reflect YOU. So, quality is more important than quantity.

Do not print 100 low quality if you can print 50 of good quality. If you visit some food banks you will see that quality of goods that are given are often high end and rarely own brand. That should be reflected on the printed document.

Please let me know if you want to include your logo at the back so I can send you the version of the booklet saying “This print run is sponsored by:”

If you have questions, please email me at nashjulie9@gmail.com.

Thanks again for considering printing and donating some booklets for free.

PS: Anyone who uses photos or recipes of this booklet to include in any document that is for sale without my express authorisation will be sued.