Great for coffee tables! Love it!
Great for coffee tables! Love it!

Welcome to theBankCook.com!

This blog now has extended versions of recipes from “The Bank Cook book” that you may have received via a food bank,  heard of, or read about in the Times, Church Times, Croydon Advertiser, Network Leeds, Network Bristol etc…

Inside of the book
Inside of the book

The Bank Cook Book was created with all food banks’ users in mind. The recipes are free to reproduce and copy. So, if you receive food parcels, this is for you!

Please request a copy (PDF) of the recipes book for free or collect it where you receive your food parcels from. If your provider doesn’t have a copies to distribute, they can request a high resolution PDF or simply download from here for the original version  and have it printed for free. The background-free version is also available from here.

How to use the rice pudding... 4 recipes
How to use the rice pudding… 4 recipes

Get your local food parcel provider to contact me at nashjulie9@gmail.com, fill in the contact form below or tweet me @hjulienne.

Thanks for visiting.


HJ Food parcel DSC03740
HJ Food parcel


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