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I love and value life. Having been many times under a surgeon's knife does that... It make you put things in perspective and makes you see life as the gift that it is. Am always up to something creative. Creativity in all things keep life exciting and interesting. I often take my queues from the bible or cartoon... No, seriously. Unless someone tell me specifically that I can't do some thing, it means to me that I can try EVERYTHING (Homer Simpson would say something like that). I love God and if He says I can do it, I CAN do it! So should you! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you like what you find. Bless you. Hortense

How to use…

At least one ingredient in each of these dishes came from a food parcel…

Tin stew
Tin stew



rice pudding
rice pudding


sweet corn
tin tomato, pasta
tin peach
powder milk, dark chocolate
chichpeas tin
corn beef
bake beans
rice pudding
tomato soup, sausage and beetroot slaw
rice pudding
kidney beans
peanut butter
Tomato soup and sausage
Tomato soup and sausage


HJ food parcel sample

Honey seems tasteless to a person who is full, but even bitter food tastes sweet to the hungry.” Prov. 27:7

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Here, you will find extended versions of recipes from “The Bank Cook” booklet that you may have received.

The Bank Cook booklet was created with all food banks’ users in mind. The recipes are free to print, copy and distribute. So, if you receive food parcels, from your local food bank, church bank, council bank or community bank, this is for you!

Please download a free copy from this  link or just ask your local food bank centre to download and print for its clients. A background free version is also available here.

You or your local food bank can request a high resolution  PDF of the book by email to

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